Friday, June 21, 2013

Rally at the Board of Education

Please join us!!!

The Board of Education has told the city that their reckless school closings would fix the budget, provide resources and relieve overcrowding at other schools. Instead, Local School Councils have been handed draft budgets that would force layoffs and program cuts in nearly every school in the system.

Rally at the Board of Education Meeting, 125 S Clark St. Wednesday June 26th
Beginning 8:30am

The Board of Ed is tripping over itself to close schools and slash budgets. They are happy to fix their supposed budget problems at the expense of students and educators, but haven’t lifted a finger to raise money from their millionaire friends and the business community. CPS should join parents and CTU members in fighting for hundreds of millions of dollars for schools through: Returning TIF money to schools

Renegotiating predatory interest rate swaps with major banks A progressive income tax that makes the rich pay a fair share Join parents, students and educators from across the city to demand that Chicago puts our schools first! Fight the budget cuts and help win for our students.

Please invite LSC members, parents and students from your school!

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