Friday, June 21, 2013

Education News

In a partnership with Raise Your Hand, a citywide parent group, we are helping to form a Ward 11 TIF Squad. CPS has drastically cut individual school budgets for next school year. Some known examples in our neighborhood include: Graham -$300k; Haines -$300k; and Sheridan -$516k. We need people to call Alderman Balcer at 773 254 6677. Ask him to call the Mayor to tell him he needs to declare a TIF Surplus to give some funds back to our schools. If you'd like to get updates on the TIF Squad and possible Toilet Paper Drives (yeah, it's that bad) in our neighborhood, please contact Jennie at

10 YEAR DRAFT MASTER FACILITIES PLAN Please read this blog post to find out more about our efforts to bring people together to provide input to CPS: Thank you!!!

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