Wednesday, May 25, 2016

General Meeting: Bring back our bus!

Confused by the 31st Street Bus hours?  Yeah, so are we.

Want to try to do something about it?  Us too.

Bridgeport Alliance is frustrated and disappointed that the new 31st Street Bus route will not live up to the expectations of our community. The Monday-Friday hours will not allow for those who need to get to work, do their shopping, or have leisure time on the weekends. The 10 am - 7pm schedule will not allow for many riders to use the bus to commute to work or school. The failure of the bus to go to the museum campus prevents children in our communities from learning opportunities that they deserve. 

The 31st Street bus pilot program’s rough target is 830 riders a day. We need to make sure that happens. 

Please join us at our general meeting on 5/26 (7 pm) to continue this discussion.  Our meetings are usually just over an hour, and have a strict, timed agenda.  All are welcome to attend the meeting and participate in the discussion.  We meet at the First Trinity Community Center, 643 W 31st Street.