Wednesday, July 10, 2013

TRIVIA NIGHT: Fundraiser For Training Bridgeport's Leaders

Help Send Members of Bridgeport Alliance, Benton House, and First Trinity Lutheran for training in leadership and community organizing.

To send all of our candidates, we'll need just under $2,000.

This training has helped several of our leaders so far, and is certain to improve Bridgeport, Benton House, and First Trinity.

Current candidates for training are: 
Mary Cantore (God's Closet at 1st Trinity / St. Mary's / BA)
Claudia Hajdas (God's Closet / First Trinity / BA)
Megan McDonald (Benton House / BA)
Ambria Nicole Taylor (Benton House / BA)
Marcus Hollowell (Benton House / BA)
Jess Saldania (Trinity House / BA)

TRIVIA NIGHT: $20 per person 4 people per team (table).
Build your own team or come stag and join other local singles.

You will have too much fun.

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