Monday, July 15, 2013

Blue Cart Recycling coming to Bridgeport

Found this on the 11th ward blog today!

Blue Cart Recycling 2013

Cook County Commissioner John P. Daley and Alderman James A. Balcer, along with Metropolitan Water Reclamation District Commissioner Patrick D. Thompson are happy to announce that the city’s Blue Cart Recycling Program will be rolling out in the 11th Ward very soon. Service Roll Out will be August 12 or August 19, depending on the zone. For more information, please check out the website:

Prior to the recycling service beginning, residents will receive a postcard in the mail informing you that the service is coming to your community and when cart distribution and the serve will begin.

“Alderman Balcer, Commissioner Thompson, and I are enthusiastic about the city’s recycling program and we feel that any effort to make our communities and environment cleaner is outstanding,” said Commissioner Daley. “I’ve only heard great reviews from other areas in the city that have this program already,” added Alderman Balcer. “We wish this program much success in our community, as it continues to help reduce the need for landfills, lower disposal costs, reduce pollution and conserve natural resources,” said Commissioner Thompson.

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