Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Election Rules and Special Meeting

Election Meeting/Pizza Party!  Facebook event here 

This is an open meeting, all are welcome.  Only those eligible to vote may vote.  See below.

First, a Correction - This is why I am not secretary - In reviewing the minutes this morning I realized that the agreed upon date for the election was July 17, and the 11th was the closing day for nominations. I apologize for any problems this may have caused. - Rene

July 11 - Nominations due
July 14 - Deadline for requesting Absentee Ballot.
July 15 - Absentee Ballots will be sent to those who request them.
July 17 - Absentee Ballots due by 5 pm, Special Meeting/Election at 7.

Current nominations:

Please review the list below. If you have been nominated, please let me know if you accept or decline the nomination. Some of you have been nominated for more than one role, but per the rules can only run for one. If this is your situation please let me know which you accept.

We can still take nominations through July 11
Thank you,
Rene (

Ruby Pinto
Kristina Tendillia

Vice Chair:
Kristina Tendillia
Mary Cantore
Tom Gaulke

Ben Huey
Peggy Watson

Charlie Rumppe

************Election Rules**************

In order to nominate, vote, or run, you must be a member in good standing. Membership requires that you have, in the last year (July-June):

Attended at least 3 BA meetings, actions or events.
Made a financial contribution.
If you are not sure of your membership status please contact the Election Judges: Rene Paquin and Jennie Biggs

These volunteers will be responsible for:
Collecting nominations
Creating ballots
Counting ballots
Announcing winners

Election judges may not run for any office.

Nominations will be taken at the May meeting or via email/phone.

Members may nominate themselves and others.

Nominations do not require a second to be included.

Nominees will be informed of their nomination as soon as possible and asked if they accept.

Phone and email nominations may take place through July 11.

To nominate a member via phone/email contact the election judges at


Each member is entitled to one vote for each held office.

Votes will be collected and tabulated by the election judges by the end of the meeting.

In the case of a tie the results will be presented to the assembled group for a solution.

The election results will be announced by the end of the meeting.

Absentee ballots will be provided (to those who request them) and must be submitted no later than 5 pm on the day of election. (see deadlines above)


May only run for one office.

May vote.

Are entitled to a 2 minute speech prior to voting.

May not serve as election judges.

Will take office beginning in the July general meeting.

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