Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Partial Victory

While we did not get a full 31st Street Route which was proposed. The CTA is going to extend the 35th Street Bus for 180 days as a partial phase-in experiment.

The 35th Street Bus which currently ends on Kedzie will now be extended north on Kedzie to 31st Street, then it will turn west onto 31st Street to Cicero and finally head north to Cicero/26th at the soon to be remodeled Metra station.

After the 180-day experiment. The CTA did agree to a new proposal that after reviewing the data collected, they will consider any changes and the possibility of the full 31st Street Bus Route from Cicero to the Lakefront which was our original proposal.

While this route is not exactly what everyone may want. It is a victory. The CTA has not been in the habit of adding new service lately. This would be something new and it is needed. We will continue the fight for the full route. The fight is not over yet!

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From BA member and 31st street bus supporter, Joe Trutin:  I would like to thank Aldermen James Balcer (11th), Alderman George Cardenas (12th) and Senator Martin Sandoval and the many community members/groups along the 31st Street Corridor for coming to today's CTA meeting to speak for the need of the 31st Street Route. 

There were many other politicians who did come out in support of this route and deserve a huge thank you for making phone calls and writing letters of support. Senator Mattie Hunter (3rd), Senator Antonio Munoz (1st), Aldermen Pat Dowell (3rd), Alderman Ricky Munoz (22nd), and Cook County Commissioner John Daley (11th)

Most of all thank you all for being part of this facebook page. I promise you that the wheels are still in motion to move forward with plans to get our FULL 31st street route along the 31st street corridor which will improve mobility and access to an employment center, rail lines, and other bus routes for low income individuals, seniors, and the disabled.

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